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4 Amazing Things To Do In Croatia During The Winter Season

4 Amazing Things To Do In Croatia During The Winter Season

As much as we all love Croatia in its summer season for the amazing beaches, scenery, food, festivals and a whole lot more it’s also an amazing place during the winter season. 

Frozen Waterfalls

The frozen lakes and waterfalls of Plitvice National Park are a prime example of the beauty Croatia holds during the winter season. They’re already breath-taking enough during the summer but seeing them frozen over is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


Some of the world’s best advent festivities take place in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb every year and it puts into perspective how much variety and exciting Croatia has to offer.

Another very popular spot during advent is an ice skating rink in Trg Bana. After you’ve done a couple of twirls and a skate you’ll be ready to hit up the Christmas markets for some gifts and food.

Hot Springs

One of the most relaxing activities you can do in Croatia is venturing down to one of the hot springs and comparing the prices from peak season to the winter season is a drastic difference! A number of the springs have been in use since the Roman times and are definitely a must go during the winter period.


We’ve not yet had the pleasure of skiing in Croatia – maybe when the Little Donkey is bigger. But Croatia in winter becomes an inexpensive place to ski. Head to the Mèdvednica mountain range (1000 metre elevation), north of Zagreb. A couple other places you can strap on the skis are Platak not far from Rijeka, and Velika, on the southern slopes of Papuk Mountain.

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