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5 Things You Need To Pack For A Croatian Festival

5 Things You Need To Pack For A Croatian Festival

Ah yes! Festival season. We’re getting giddy already even thinking about it. When it comes to festivals, Croatia has an absolutely monstrous amount to keep you coming back every year. Some of our personal favourites are the summer festivals that start in May such as Dimensions, Outlook, Sonus & Hideout – festivals that touch on all different facets of electronic music including House, Techno, Jazz, Disco, Commercial, Minimal & more.

The only thing that parallels my excitement for actually going to the festival is deciding what to wear and what to bring!

Waterproof Blanket

As sunny as Croatia is, there are chances of the odd flash flood! And trust us when we say this, you need a waterproof blanket is these floods hit! There’s really nothing worse than wanting a place to lie your head/feet and you’ve to lounge around in a groggy tent or area after dancing for 12 hours straight.

Cool Sunglasses

Everybody wants to look cool? Who doesn’t! Sunglasses are good for both blocking out the sun when it get’s just a little too bright for your liking and can be a very easy way of completing an outfit. Some of the most popular styles of sunglasses the past while are round sunglasses. A lot of popular brands on Asos like Spitfire, Hugo Boss, Rayban & more are starting to stock this style of glasses.


Holidays are all about making life as easy as possible for yourself and with slip-ons, life is just that. The slip-ons trend completely took over holiday destinations last year across and the trend isn’t going anywhere. Similar to a running shoe in comfort, but have the look of a designer shoe. The rubber sole’s of these shoes will keep you dancing all night long!

A Mobile Charger

You’ve lost your friends after doing the worm in the main-stage dancefloor and your moment is fame is totally up. You’ve also just noticed your phone is completely dead and of course… you’ve forgotten your mobile charger.

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting this invaluable electronic, it will save you a lot of hassle paying overprice for the phone charging stations throughout the festivals.

Cross BodyBag/Bum Bag

One of the main subjects behind a bum bag is security and safety for your belongings as festivals are prone to a lot of pickpocketing. The bags are very unlikely to be taken from your shoulder or waist as it’s secured to your body via a long strap. Aside from the safety, your arms are totally free and open to do whatever you wish. Maybe you want to carry two drinks, do your famous arm thrusting dance move or even give your partner a smooch? The possibilities are endless with a bumbag.


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