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5 Unique Things To Do In Croatia


You’re in the process of looking for things to do in Croatia for your holiday and you’re already up to date with all of the advertised usual stuff. We’re not saying all of the usual stuff isn’t an amazing experience but if you’re the type of person to search for a more unique and interesting activity, we’re here to help you find just them!

Let’s take a look at 5 unique things to do in Croatia!

Donkey Races at Sali

One of the main events of the cultural festival in Sali is Donkey Racing! The festival starts on the Friday with “Fisherman’s Night” bringing everyone together for some amazing stew, tuna and many singing events.

Leading into the Saturday is when the sporting events begin with games such as tug-of-war and scooter races and of course the donkey races! The winner of the donkey races gets a slab of prosciutto to share with friends and family!

Flyboarding at Kastela

Ever felt like you wanted to go into the future? Well, flyboarding at Kastela is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Simply attach a water jetpack to a personalised watercraft and fly high and proud above the Adriatic sea.

Amazing horticulture and peacocks on Lokrum

The Island of Lokrum is a small sized Island just 15 minutes from Dubrovnik. What was once home to the famous Maximillian of Hamburg, he brought an amazing selection of plant species to the Island from his travels. Aside from the plants, he brought some amazing peacocks from the Canary Islands.

Swim with Horses

Were you aware that horses are actually amazing swimmers? Murter Riding offers you the chance to ride through the sea around the glorious Murter Island on the back of an amazing of a beautiful horse of your choice.

Cycling the Parenzana

What was once a railway line that connected up to 30+ different locations between Istria, Porec & Trieste. Back in the 1900’s, the railway closed down after operating for only 33 years, but the cyclists of the world made it to their own advantage and follow parts of it as a trail.

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