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6 First Trip To Croatia Tips

6 First Trip To Croatia Tips

Thinking of visiting Croatia? Looking for some beaches, amazing scenery, music, sun and a segment of history? Croatia ticks all of these boxes.

Our tips below will make your trip that bit smoother and enjoyable.

Tip #1: Travel in The Shoulder Season

It’s a fairly simple tip but some people look past it quite easily! The prime tourism months for Croatia would be between July and August. The crowds are just insane where-ever you go, the prices of everything including hotels, ferries, tours etc are all dramatically raised. Unless you’re the type of tourist that likes to get knee deep in all of the mayhem, by all means, proceed!

Visiting the country at any time aside from what was mentioned above is the ideal time. The weather is still warm, it’s easy to find the best accommodation and the crowds are a lot more scarce than what they would have been.

Tip #2: Island Hopping

Instead of long day trips from Split to Dubrovnik to the Islands of Hvar, Korcula etc, why not plan your itinerary to jump from one Island to the other. Every Island has a uniquely different character and the ferries will take you from one to the next without working back towards the main port.

Traveling this way will give you a nice smooth evolving day rather than trying to jam pack everything in at once.

Tip #3 Venture Outside of The Main Cities

The Southern parts of Croatia are more of the crowded spots of Croatia. But you don’t have to venture too far outside of the main tourist spots to find some nice peace and quiet and still be treated to some beautiful scenery.

A town called Trogir is less than an hour drive from Split, is a beautiful town situated right on the water with a small but cosy old town surrounded by beaches.

Close to  Dubrovnik, a great spot for a day trip is Cavtat. The small town is reachable by either bus or if you’re feeling a bit adventurous… water taxi. What feels like worlds apart from the busy crowded Dubrovnik, there is a fantastic selection of walks and waterside restaurants.

Tip #4: Explore The Istrian Peninsula

The southern end of the beaches is not for the shy. Let it all hang out, as they say!

The Istrian Peninsula is the northern part of Croatia and is one of the most beautiful. This region of the Island is the hot-spot for some of the best wines, truffles and of course olive oil! Back some time ago when the area was dominated by Italians it has a unique Italian feel that you won’t experience anywhere else on the Island.

The town of Rovinj is a very cool spot to explore on foot. Tie in the great weather and you can work on your glorious golden tan exploring the local shops, cafes, churches during the morning. Then if you’re feeling a bit loose and wacky you can head down to some of the nudist beaches to get your kit off and show the locals what a real farmers tan is like!

Tip #5: Check Out a Local Sporting Event

Croatia is a country filled with very strong and passionate sports fans whether it being soccer, cricket or water sports and there’s nothing really more cultural pleasing than attending a local sports event. Most places in the world, this would probably mean going to have a gander at the local football team or rugby team, but in Croatia, it’s all about tennis.

Tip #6: Rental Apartments Are A Good Choice

Now, we’re all for an outstanding hotel room and service. Fresh bed sheets every day, food at your disposal and a freshly cleaned pool. But, have you ever thought of renting an apartment? Most people haven’t and if you’re on a budget these apartments can really help you save some valuable cash. Air BnB are your friends in this situation.

With the local seafood dishes being somewhat too expensive for budgeters and the pizza and pasta dishes not really packing the punch as you would wish, the local supermarkets are a great way of getting a bigger insight to how the locals live and also picking up a nice treat to make back in the apartment.

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