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6 Things You’ll Miss About Croatia When You’re Gone Home

6 Things You’ll Miss About Croatia When You’re Gone Home

You’ve just arrived home after a week in the luxurious country of Croatia and you’re sitting in your front room watching the News. You’ve just started to reflect on all of the fun you had. Hopping from Island to Island like pirates, the full day adventures, all of the incredibly tasty dishes you tried and so much more. But as they say, what goes up must come down.

Let’s take a look at 6 things you’ll miss about Croatia.

The Weather

One of the greatest things about being in Croatia is the incredible weather. Warm breezes and scorching temperatures, our favourite!


‘Yo-ho, y0-ho a pirates life for me!’

If you travelled around Croatia for 1 month you still wouldn’t have adventured to every part of the country has to offer. With almost 1,000 islands and a more than enough beaches, you’ll be going on some of the most legendary adventures of your life.


With over 20+ festivals every summer, the Croatian festivals are some of the best in the world. Providing a unique experience for each one. Whether it’s partying in an old eighteenth-century fort or a beach-side stage, you’re in for a treat in Croatia.

The Beaches

The Croatian beaches are some of the most exotic and relaxing beaches in the world. The majority may be filled with pebbles but the scenery that surrounds them is unlike any other.

The Cheapness

Croatia is renowned for its cheapness and is one of the best things about the country. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and have a full day adventure for all under 60 euro or 450 Kuna.

Easy Going Life-Style

The lifestyle of Croatia is very laid back and chilled, no alarms nor phone calls from work. The only worries you have in Croatia is what you’re going to eat that day and what beach you’re going to chill on.

Turquoise Water

The Croatian coast is absolutely astounding. There’s no shortage of beaches to take your breath away. The water is crystal clear and turquoise blue. And Croatia has thousands of islands and islets. The water on the Dalmatian Coast was a delicious turquoise colour.


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