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7 Reasons Why Croatia Beat’s Ibiza

7 Reasons Why Croatia Beat’s Ibiza

Croatia has taken the spotlight as one of the top party destinations in Europe from the last seven years. Since 2010 the country has gone onto doubling the number of festivals, hosting over 20+ every summer and the numbers will only get bigger. Croatia is a huge country with over 3,600 miles of beaches, coastlines & islands with some amazing scenery. Some people are comparing Croatia to an old Ibiza in the 80’s as they can describe the atmosphere the Island as a mixture of freedom and hedonism

In fact, some observers have pointed out that Croatia is like the old Ibiza, a mix of freedom and hedonism as it used to be in the past before the business took over everything

Let’s take a look at 7 reasons why Croatia beat’s Ibiza!


For anyone who has visited Ibiza in the last 3-4 years, you would have noticed the huge influx of costs including clubs, tickets, food and everything, in general, seems to have gotten a lot dearer.  In Croatia, it’s a land untouched by high-end business’s and the locals are very strong hearted about keeping their heritage preserved.

The Scenery

There’s something just magical with the scenery of Croatia. As one of Europe’s most popular beach destinations and blessed with year-round sun, Croatia’s historic towns and multiple islands of over 1,000 to explore with eight national parks, waterfalls, forests, gorges, rivers and is close to untouched by any sort of industrial work. Everything you see is all Au Naturalé.


The clubbing side to Croatia isn’t close to what Ibiza has to offer but nor does any other country in the world? But what Croatia makes up for lack of clubs is the insane amount of festivals on this incredible Island. Since 2010, the Island doubled its number of festivals to over 20+ each summer. Some of the festivals like Dimensions, Hideout, Sonus, Ekko, Outlook, Unknown & Barrakud are only touching the surface of what takes place every summer.

24-Hour Licenses

There’s nothing worse when you’re full throttle with your mates in a club and then before you know it the last track has been played and it’s home time? The clubs can go on very late in Ibiza usually till around 5-7am but in Croatia, some of the clubs have the license to go on for 24 hours. Get in!


The White Isle takes over 7.4 million visitors every year and for the size of the Island, it’s easy for it to become overcrowded. It doesn’t stop the locals and clubs from overcrowding events and making as much money as they can from the visitors. With Croatia, there’s so much more area to visit and explore resulting in a lot less overcrowding and an all-round better experience.

The People

With such a beautiful landscape results in beautiful people!

Ever since the boom of tourism in Ibiza the locals have taken a lot of crap from tourists and that’s partially due to ‘overcrowding’. Due to the overcrowding, it has given the locals a bad impression of the tourists. Croat’s are the kind of people that get excited when people take an interest in their country, culture and welcome them with open arms. A prime example of this is as the festivals attract such like-minded people to the one place, resulting in such a unique experience to everyone.

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