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8 Items That You Must Have Visiting Croatia

8 Items That You Must Have Visiting Croatia

The time is upon you! You’ve booked your flights, your hotel and you’re starting to plan what mischief you’re gonna get up to over in Croatia. But planning any trip can be a very stressful experience as you’re always overthinking you’ve either forgotten something or you’re not packing enough. Not to worry though, we’re here to make your trip to Croatia that bit better and easier.

Not to worry though, we’re here to make your trip to Croatia that bit better and easier. Here are the  8things you must have visiting Croatia!

Sea Shoes

You may not be up to knowledge with the beaches of Croatia, but the majority of the beaches in Croatia are actually all made up of pebbles and sharp rocks and people can hurt themselves walking along them. In this case, sea shoes are a great way to make sure you’ve enough grip and protection to avoid any accidents!

Sun Cream

Oh dear… the dreaded sunburn, a non-sallow skin person’s worst nightmare.

You may look past the sun-cream as you think your god-like skin won’t be burned by the sun, But don’t be fooled! Suncream is a must on this Island as temperatures can sore up to 29 degrees and more.

Don’t Forget Your Adapters

If you’re visiting from the UK/Ireland, you’re gonna want to invest in an adapter that can be used in Croatia. A lot of people tend to forget these easily and can actually cost you a pretty penny in the airports. So, consider buying them prior to your visit and you’ll have more quid for airport drinks!


Fresh towels are always a treat when you go on holidays, but sometimes your accommodation won’t stock them. To avoid using your mates already used wet towel check and see if you’ll need one or not.

Swiss Army Knife

You really never know when this little gadget can come in handy on your trip. The Swiss army knives are equipped with scissors, nail filers, tiny blades & more that can be used to clip toenails or pull out a splinter perhaps? The possibilities are endless.

Mosquito repellent

There’s nothing really worse than getting a bite on your leg/arm and engaging in a scratching fit that can result in you getting scar for life. Be safe and be cautious of these horrible creatures and invest in some repellent.

Travel Insurance

Accidents happen and that’s a fact, especially on holidays! For example, you could be walking around by the pool-side and by some chance you slip and bump your head on the floor. What’s the first thing you’re gonna do? Go to the doctor/hospital to make sure you’re okay!

On holidays though, some of these services can cost an arm and a leg even for the smallest of accidents. With holiday insurance you’re guaranteeing you’ll be looked after for very little cost.

Travel pillow

Are you into being comfortable anywhere at all on your holidays? Look no further, the travel pillow is your gateway to ultimate comfort in any situation.


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