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9 Must Know Croatian Phrases To Guide You Through Your Croatia Experience

9 Must Know Croatian Phrases To Guide You Through Your Croatia Experience

Croatia is swiftly becoming one of the top European destinations for music, food & culture. With a huge selection festivals at your disposal, people from all over the globe are beginning to travel to this lush country to celebrate their appreciation for the music, adventure, meeting new people and more.

With the sheer amount of nationalities and different types of cultures that pass through this country, there’s always going to be a bit of a language barrier. Fear not! We’re going to give you 9 must know Croatian phrases to guide you and help you on your travels!

Hello, how are you?

Bok, kako si

A simple greeting that every person should know!

Where can I find the nearest beach? –

Gdje mogu pronaći najbližu plažu?

You’re gonna want to know exactly where all of the luscious beaches are.

Where’s the best food around here?

Gdje je najbolja hrana ovdje ?

Feeling peckish? Not to worry! Simply ask a local the question above and they will give you a full run-down of what’s good.

How much is this?

Koliko je ovo?

You’re a little lost in the local supermarket on how much the pizza shaped lilo costs!

Do you find me sexy?

Smatrate li me seksi?

Hello cheeky! You’ve spotted a girl/man across the poolside having a look at you and you’re feeling brave! Give them this simple line and you’re either in for a night of amazement or awkwardness!

Can I have a pint of lager, please?

Mogu li dobiti malo lakera molim vas

You could always give the famous hand gesture but it’s always good to know how to ask for a drink in a native tongue.

Call the police!

Pozovite policiju!

Feeling you’re in a bit of a sticky situation? Shout this out and you’re 100% going to grab the attention of somebody nearby.

My hovercraft is full of eels

Moja je lebdjelica puna jegulja

We will let you guess this one for yourselves!

Would you like to dance with me?

Bi li htio plesati sa mnom?

You’ve after having one too many drinks and want to try and impress a gorgeous looking local in the club with your legendary moves. Lay this line down and you’re in.


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