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Are These The 7 Best Beaches In Croatia?

Are These The 7 Best Beaches In Croatia?

Croatia has some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes in the world. Ranging from high top mountains, huge mountain tops all the way to the golden sand beaches. It’s hard not to like this country for its sheer beauty.

When it comes to the beaches and coastlines of Croatia which measures at around 3,600 miles most people don’t understand that a majority of the beaches aren’t actually sand but are made up of pebbles. It’s not a bad thing though as most of these beaches have been untouched by industry and are completely natural. Some beaches you’ll hear some soothing cafe music while others you’ll hear nothing but waves and the warm breeze bristling past your ears. It’s safe to say some of the beaches you’re about to see are unlike any other you have ever seen.


You may have this vision in your head of the perfect beach, long strips of sand, crystal clear waters and a horizon that will give you tingles. Have you this vision? Well, then you need to venture down to Nin located just 15km from Zadar, the beach holds a number of bars and an incredible view of the Velebit mountains.


Bačvice is extremely popular as a family beach and is a major location for the locals of the island. The beach itself has a fairly shallow bay of water and is a hot spot for the Croatian sport ‘picigin’, a sport that involves competitors to leap around the water trying to prevent the ball from hitting the water. If you’re looking to get to know the locals of the Island a bit more and maybe learn this sport, Bačvice is the place for you.

Zlatni Rat

The Zlatni beach is known for its incredible beach shaped like a horn and is known as ‘The Golden Horn’ to most! The beach spreads out over 580 yards and is unlike any other beach on the Island due to its shape and selection of unique restaurants, cafes & plenty of night-life.

Plat Beach (Dubrovnik)

Plat is one of the best beaches for Croatian nightlife. The beach itself is smaller to the rest of the Island’s other beaches but has some very gorgeous landscapes but at a cost, as there’s close to no shade.

Locals recommend you bring something like an umbrella to get away from the sun if it get’s a bit too warm or you simply want a bit of privacy on this nudist beach!

Rab (Rajska plaža)

You may have noticed that sand beaches are quite rare in Croatia and most are populated with rocks but for Rab, that’s not the case. Rajska is a perfect location for holiday goers that can play volleyball, go to aqua parks, parasailing & even if you brought your dog you can bring it for a swim in the waters that are shallow enough for you and your furry friend.


Croatia is known for it’s fairly laidback approach to nudists beaches and Kandalora is one of the most famous. The beach has certain locations where coves allow sunbathers to get it all off. With every one of the nudist beaches though, there’s a small fee to gain access to them, but a fee that won’t put a dent in your funds.

Brela Beach (Vrulja)

The Brela Village is miles upon miles of golden beaches and has some of the best beaches in Croatia. Vrulja Cove though really takes the medal for the nicest! It’s a perfect location for a romantic evening with your loved one, but getting to Vrulja isn’t the easiest task though as it requires a boat to get to, but once you arrive it will all be worth it.

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