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Croatia’s Tourism Continues To Explode

Croatia’s Tourism Continues To Explode

The Tourism Minister of Croatia, Gari Cappelli presented the public with the tourist results for August and the first 8 months of the year. The results showed that it has been a record year for tourism in the country across all facets. In the first 8 months of 2017 alone, a whopping record of 15 million tourists visited the Adriatic Island, resulting in almost 14% more than the same time as last year. Overnight stays went up to a whopping 13% to a record 85 million.

In August alone there were over 4.4 million arrivals, up by almost 6% to last year in August and overnights hitting 32 million, over 6% more.

The record is looking to continue to being broken as the months pass on and to keep on rising in 2018. The Germans are still the number one tourists to Croatia for numbers with 16% more than the same numbers as last year. Following in second place the UK is up more than 27% compared to last year and 24% from the Polish.

When it comes to money figures, tourism is expected to peak up to 10 billion euros in 2017.

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