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Game Of Thrones Fans Need To Visit This Iconic Landmark In Croatia


If you were planning on visiting Croatia and you’re an absolute nerd when it comes to Game of Thrones, well, you can experience the actual set for ‘Kings Landing’ in the amazing city of Dubrovnik. The tour itself is guided and will give you a better insight into exactly how everything worked when they were filming seasons 1-4 there.

What are you to expect though exactly on this tour? Let us give you a rundown!

Diocletian’s Palace

You’re going to be able to walk the same path that Daenerys did in a guided tour around the 1700-year-old palace, home to emperor Diocletian. You’ll be able to see Daenerys throne room, the corridors of the city of Meereen and also the cellars of the palace.

Water Mill

Last not but least, you’ll be visiting the 600-year-old water mill on the Zrnovica river, another very prominent filming section of the Game of Thrones series. The mill actually still works to this day and is used for milling flour & corn.

Klis Fortress

March up to the top of the fortress of Klis and pretend you’ve just achieved victory for you and your army! Also, keep a close ear on the guide as they point out the previous gruesome history of the fortress aside from the Game of Thrones storyline.

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