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Get To Know Your Clubs In: Rijeka

Get To Know Your Clubs In: Rijeka

Rijeka located on the western side of Croatia is considered to the one of the most cultural city’s in Europe and was rewarded the European Capital of Culture 2020, just last year. Now, it’s only the third biggest city in Croatia but it’s a hot-spot for some top nightclubs and the people that live here are some of the most relaxed and nicest people you will ever meet.

Let’s take a look at some of the clubs!


Crkva also known as Church due to the structure of its high ceilings, has one of the strongest following clubs on the Island. Collectives such as KBS, Subire & Balance have all been fantastic partners to the club with their strong focus on the tech-house genre.

One of the bookers for Crkva said a few words about the club: ‘We wanted to create a community of open-minded, electronic music enthusiasts. I would say that in the past 2,5 years we have managed to establish a great local hub for this group of people.’


Tunel is one of the smaller clubs on the Island and has a number of events held there every month including the CUT Association with their vinyl only nights and a number of live acts. If you’re into a more intimate setting, this is the perfect one.

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