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Get To Know Your Clubs In: Split

Get To Know Your Clubs In: Split

Unfortunately, there’s not always a monstrous selection of parties to choose from every weekend in Split, but the quality of the parties are getting better and better.

Let’s take a look at some of the clubs Split has to offer!


Kameleon is one of the most thriving clubs on the Island due to having something no other club on the Island has and that’s a Funktion-One sound system. It’s the first and only club in Croatia that actually stocks this kind of system and has seemed to attract a lot of clubbers for that reason. The vibe and atmosphere of the club aren’t considered underground though, but some club nights like E, Family Grooves & Cruise are the forefronts of the underground sound in there.


Club Kocka has been established for more than 15+ years and has been run by the Coalition of Youth Associations ever since day one. Over their time of being the leaders, they’ve gone onto organising thousands of parties, concerts, art exhibitions and more with a very strong focus on pushing the local scene more than anything. Every city need’s a club like Kocka! Powered by the people for the people.


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