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Here Is The 8 Best Things About Sonus Festival This Year!

Here Is The 8 Best Things About Sonus Festival This Year!

Are you a fan of techno festivals that are completely focused on the music policy? Well, Sonus Festival, located in the gorgeous plains of Pag Island, is just the festival for you. In saying that, if you’re unsure of what Sonus actually is, it’s the ultimate festival getaway for any music lover, with over 60 artists playing across three clubs, sandy beachside parties, crystal clear waters to swim in, some of the best food in the world and of course the best techno lovers on the planet, all crammed into one location for 4 nights and one unforgettable experience!

Let us guide you with our top 8 things that we loved about this year’s edition!

1. The long 4-5hour set times

One of the most amazing things we found about Sonus this year was the extremely longer than average set times. With artists such as Joseph Capriati, Adam Beyer, Len Faki and Solomun all being able to really bring the crowd on a musical journey for 4-5 hours. With the DJs clearly feeding off the energy their sets gave the crowd.

2. Solomon sunrise set

Solomun is renowned in the country of Croatia and is a massive local favourite. One early morning, he took to an open-air club stage bringing his melodic and minimal sounds, and as mentioned above, for a much longer set than usual.

3. The diverse crowds

The Sonus crowd was absolutely incredible this year.With international nationalities all mingling together as one in the love of the music! It was so apparent that everybody was there for the right reasons, smiling and grooving and with everyone far too busy enjoying themselves to be using their phones.

4. Early hours after-party

For something that is extremely frowned upon in many places in the world, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Dixon and Sonja Mooneaer all took to Kalypso one very late morning and continued to play till mid-day. It was very surreal to see something like this actually go ahead and even better to be a part of the whole experience from the get-go!

5. Papa Sven Väth

For many at Sonus, Sven Väth is the highlight of their festival experience every year, his sets have become quite legendary among the crowds. Maybe it’s his driving techno sounds or maybe it’s crowd interaction? All we know is that he was also one of the highlights of our Sonus this year..

6. Daytime parties that flow into the night

One of the most incredible experiences at Sonus and any festival, in general, is to dance your day away without even knowing the time. In saying that, at Sonus it was so easy to get lost in the music and watch the whole day turn from daytime parties into nighttime parties.

7. Friendly Staff & Security

There’s nothing really better than a good customer experience and with Sonus, they truly nailed it this year with the most amazing stuff. Ranging from the bar staff, site managers and security, they were all very courteous and respectful towards each other and festival goers. Now, most people wouldn’t have interacted with most of these, but it’s always amazing to see.

8. Bravo Cosmopop!

If you’re unaware, the minds behind Sonus are also the brains behind one of Germany’s most well-established festivals, Timewarp. All we can say is, the festival is extremely well oiled these days and fantastically well organized, bring on next year!

For more info on next years, festivities click HERE.

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