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How To Tip In Croatia

How To Tip In Croatia

The dreaded tip! When visiting any country in the world where tipping is more common than anywhere else, it can be a hassle and awkward situation, to say the least.

With Croatia, there’s not a huge focus on the tipping etiquette and tips aren’t majorly expected from customers, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t! It’s the same as most places if you feel that you experienced some outstanding service and enjoyed the staff’s friendly attitude, well then! Why not show gratitude, leave a few extra kunas as the restaurants and cafes don’t actually earn that much so every little does really help.

But if the service isn’t up to your standard – by all means, don’t tip, it’s your money!

If you want a more general guideline in terms of what to tip, check out this rough guide, to help you through this murky, and sometimes awkward subject.

What to Tip in Croatia: Restaurants

The normal restaurants in Croatia aren’t too pushy on tips, compared to some of the higher class restaurants which expect around a 10% – 15% of the bill as a tip.

If you’re looking to leave a tip, a nice easy way of doing so is to round up the bill and tell the waiter to keep the change! This will leave the meal in a positive manner and everyone’s happy!

But be careful! You’ve to keep your eye out though as some bills charge you for ‘services’ this would be considered to be a tip.

What to Tip in Croatia: Bars & Cafes

It’s similar to the restaurants, there are no actual rules set in the ground here but just round up the bill and tell them to keep the change!

What to Tip in Croatia: Taxis

Rounding up the fare to the closest even number can both be a nice gesture to the taxi service and an easier way of pocketing you some loose change.

What to Tip in Croatia: Hotel Porters

This is definitely one of the more awkward situations for tipping.

The hotel porter has helped you bring the luggage to your luxurious hotel room and you’re ready to begin your holiday. But, the porter stands there at the end of the hallway with a look that only means one thing… tip

To avoid any awkward situations, the normal amount to tip these porters would be around 5 – 20 Kuna per bag. But, if you’re staying in a bit more of an upper-class joint, you may need to re-think your figures.

What to Tip in Croatia: Hotel Maids

Your maid looks after you throughout your stay, so it’s always nice to leave a little something at the end of your stay if you want to say thank you. The general amount here is around 15 kunas for every night of your stay.

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