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The Ultimate Guide To Drinking In Croatia

The Ultimate Guide To Drinking In Croatia

Is there anything really better than kicking back with your mates with a few cold ones on a scorching summers day in Croatia? Not a lot no! We also know that drinking alcohol on holiday is almost as important as drinking water. As you pass through the amazing towns and cities of Croatia you’ll always see stacks of drinks in the bars/cafes/restaurants churning out some of the best drinks the Island has to offer.

It’s easy for tourists to get looped into tourist traps who aren’t sure where or how to get the best bang for your buck! In saying that, we’re here to make your life that bit easier and to guide you on drinking in Croatia.


As Croatia is an Eastern European country, it’s no doubt that the beer is extremely popular. Some of the most popular beers including Karlovacko, Ozujsko, Osjecko Pan, Tomislav and Lasko all have different tastes but they all do the same job at the end of the day! The average price for these beers would be around 12kn for 0.3 of a litre and paying upwards of 20kn is considered to be steep. Regardless of where you’re drinking beer, the location will always be a big factor. If y9u’re heading to Old Town Dubrovnik or Hvar town? Best of luck, you’re gonna get ripped off. Zagreb, Split and the Island of Hvar you will be paying under 2 euro per pint! Absolute gift.

Don’t forget also the Croatian word for beer is ‘Pivo’


Croatia may not be very well known as it is for its fine beers but that’s rapidly changing as a lot more are being exported from the Adriatic Island. Some of the Croatian wines like Grasevina are appearing in top supermarkets like Marks & Spencers, Dunnes Stores & more.

When visiting Croatia we highly recommend you try out some of the locally produced wine such as Plavac Mali,White Posip, Grk, Malvazija it’s unlike any other wine you have ever tried.


All weak stomachs turn away away now!

If you’ve ever visited any Eastern European country, you’ve probably already established that spirits are very popular. It would be very rare that you don’t indulge in some form of spirit on your visit to Croatia as it’s almost ritual to the locals.

Most people that drink spirits in Croatia won’t have any mixer with their beverage of choice and prefer to have it straight up. Some of the most prominent spirits on the Island include sljivovica (plum brandy), travarica(herbal brandy), kruskovac (pear brandy), orahovac (walnut brandy) or lozovaca (grape brandy).

We warn you! These are all extremely strong so sip and don’t rush yourself.

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